Sunday, November 2, 2014

I Have Seen Him

The team I traveled to Kenya with in February.

Came for a reunion yesterday.

To Due West.

I couldn't wipe the smile off my face all afternoon.

I've been part of five teams to Kenya in the last seven years.

And they all have one thing in common.

Good....and many times... lasting friendships.

You don't know that when you start out.

But you know it for sure by the time you arrive back home.

This team is no different.

I hadn't seen most of them in eight months.

But they walked into my house yesterday.

And we picked right back up.

Where we left off.

There's something about the experience of traveling...... together.... that far.

And seeing....together....what you see.

A world away.

Far from what's secure and familiar.


And encounters.

That often take months to process.


And lasting.


It's no wonder.

That friendships are made.

And many times remain.

Donna reminded us yesterday.

Of a poem that was written by one of our teammates.

And my friend, Dianna Owens.

She penned it during that February trip.

It was her first trip to Africa.

It's one of my favorite things about going now.

Seeing one of my teammates see Kenya for the very first time.

Donna reading Dianna's poem.

It was read at our reunion yesterday.

And I'd like to share it with you.

Along with some images that our team experienced together.

With this encouragement.

This life is short.

Go....and serve.

Whether's it's in your own neighborhood.

Or very far away.


Be uncomfortable.

Swallow your fear.

Whatever you're being called to do.


Do it with courage.

Part of our team departing in February 2014 from the Anderson Campus.

First morning in Nairobi with team leader, Barron Cooley.

We arrive on our mission site in Segera, greeted by the village mamas & children.

Much of our work was done in a medical clinic seeing a wide range of needs.

Children in the village enjoy a meal from the school, bringing from home whatever container they have to hold it.

Medical clinic triage where villagers provide basic information before seeing our nurses for care.

Olivia examines the ear of this woman (Jennifer) who cooks for the school in Segera and finds a moth has embedded in her ear.   In a short time, our nurses were able to remove the moth --
much to Jennifer's happiness :)

Building relationships with the children.  Always the best part of these trips.

Donna visits with this mama and her child through the help of an interpreter.

Waiting for lunch.

Closing ceremony on our last day.
As we sat around this school yard , the skies opened up and it rained there for the first time in five months --
will never forget it.

the view from the big green bus as we traveled to and from Segera each day.

incredible view of an elephant at Sweet Water where we spent our last day of the trip.

Final shot of our team in Kenya :)

Dianna Owens, Segera Kenya 2014

I Have Seen Him

There is a land unlike any I have ever seen.
A land filled with wild animals and pink sunsets.
A land filled with poverty and unmatched joy.
A land I never dreamed of coming to.
But God knew.
We pray to see and feel Jesus,
But are often distracted by worldly things.
In the hearts of leaders educating children.
I have seen Him.
In the hard work of fellow ambassadors for Christ.
I have seen Him.
In the huts filled with families with no space to live,
But an uncapped space in their hearts.
I have seen Him.
In land that stretches for miles.
Where zebra and giraffe tread.
I have seen Him.
I never forget the sights I have seen.
For in them, Jesus,
I have seen You.

Dianna Owens, Kenya Missionary 2014/Newspring Church

November 1, 2014 Reunion ~ around the table :)

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