Monday, September 15, 2014

Better Equipped

I know.

 And I've seen the difference that prayer can make in my own life.

And in the lives of the people I love most.

And I just want to encourage anyone that's reading my blog today.

If you're facing a difficult time.

Reach out to your friends and ask for prayer.

You don't have to tell everybody.

But if you have a group of trusted people that care about you.

Tell them specifically what you need them to pray for.

Especially in your community of family at church.

There's been a couple of key times in my life.

When I had the choice of struggling with a tough issue alone.

Or reaching out and asking people I love to pray for me.

To pray specifically for what I'm facing.

Is it hard to be specific?


You're putting yourself out there.

And being vulnerable.

But, I believe God wants me to be specific.

And I can tell you without exception.

Asking for prayer.

In those times when I was desperate for answers or relief.

Became a turning point.

Each and every time.

The enemy will try to discourage it.

Oh, you shouldn't share that.

What will people think?

They'll think you're weak.

Or, they'll think you're a mess.

The truth of the matter is.

We are weak.   We're all a mess.

And we do need each other.

But prayer.

I truly believe.

Can absolutely alter an outcome.

I love what Sarah Young wrote in "Jesus Calling"

When you pray, you're actually....

"participating in battles going on within spiritual realms.
You are waging war -- not with the weapons of the world,
but with heavenly weapons..."

Prayer is a heavenly weapon.

Don't hesitate to use it.

And the more people I specifically ask to pray with me.

The better equipped  I become.

For the battle.

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