Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm Not Afraid of Many Things

I saw a little of myself in her.

She was smitten.

Just like me that first trip.

One of my teammates.

Danee Davis.

My blog today.

Is about helping Danee.

This is her story.  

In her words.

My name is Danielle Davis.
And I am trying so hard to listen.
For years.
I knew I was supposed to go to Africa.
It was always a dream of mine.

People are often surprised.
I'm a mommy to six kids.
I take care of my own four children.
Plus, two more that I foster.
I'm also a faithful, loving wife.
To my hard working husband.

I go to church at Newspring.
But something was missing in my life.
I soon discovered.....what that was.
Out of nowhere.
Someone gave me their spot.
On Newspring's last trip to Kenya.
A lady at church.
She had saved up all of her money.
But she wanted me.
To take her place.
She even gave me her suitcase.
With all the clothes I needed inside.

And I heard Him.
In that moment.
And He said to me.
Go and use the gifts that are inside of you!

And I did.
Because I'm not afraid of many things.

In those ten days.
I experienced way more than I imagined.
The Kenyan people.
Were the most kind and loving people I've ever met.
They welcomed me with hugs and kisses.
And open arms.

Everything I saw there.
Broke me.
I was more than humbled.
I was changed.
And I knew.
That was my purpose for being here.

I have another opportunity.
To go to Uganda.
This summer.
Newspring's first trip to Kampala.
Our church is ministering to street children there.
Who have no parents.
And live off of very little.
Garbage from the street.
And no shelter.
My heart is heavy for them.
And I know what I have to do.

I know without a doubt.
My God.
Will pave a way for me to live out.
My mission here on earth.

Because I'm not afraid of many things......and I want to go!

Kampala, Uganda

Danee has quite a challenge.
Raising the money she needs to serve Kampala, Uganda.
In just a few weeks.
I want to help her go.
That's why I'm sharing her story on my blog.

How about you?
Would you be willing to help Danee?

Any donation will help.
Whether you have a little.
Or maybe you have a lot to give.

I've seen this woman in action.
She's terrific.
And she's willing to go.
What would you do for her?

Responding before April 30, 2014 would be greatly appreciated.

Many of you can sit down and write a check today.

Your tax deductible gift can be made to: NewSpring Church.

and mailed to:

NewSpring Church
P.O. Box 1407
Anderson, South Carolina 29622
Re:  Uganda  Mission Trip - Danee Davis

Thank you for being generous.
Thank you for helping Danee.

For more information:

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