Thursday, December 19, 2013

Station Wagon Caroling

I LOVE to sing.

Christmas carols!

And I seriously......cannot...... carry a tune in a bucket.

My family would quickly agree.

But, it matters.

Not at all to me.

Me & caroling have a close tie to cars.

My favorite place to sing carols is in my little green Fiesta.


I've been doing it for weeks.

And more quietly.

In my office.

Listening to the Celine Dion holiday station.

On Pandora.

But, countless times this Christmas.

I've remembered.

Caroling in another vehicle.

My family's old station wagon.

In the early 1970's.

Packed in. seat belts.

With the kids I grew up with.

In the Pleasant Grove Community.

One of my best Christmas memories.....ever.

Christmas caroling.

In the cold mountain air of December.

With Rachel.
And Karen.
And Clare.
And Johnny.
And my brothers.

Those I remember the most.

Pile out.

Sing a few songs.

Pile back in.



Pile back out.

Sing again.

Up and down the tar & gravel roads of our community.

We sang for shut-ins.

Sometimes for our grandparents.


I loved that.

Funny the memories you keep.

This one still comes back.

Inspiring me to sing again.

Still off key.

But just as happily.

At least when no one is listening.


And the old station wagon.

A wonderful Christmas memory for me.

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