Saturday, August 31, 2013

Remind Me


Something happened yesterday.

And I wanted to pass it along.

I was reminded.

It actually started earlier in the week, now that I think about it.

This simple message of remind me.

We hosted our first home group meeting at our house in Greenwood.

Me & Scott.

For married couples.

In listening to the DVD teaching provided through our church,

the simple message of "remember where you've been"

first caught my attention.

Remember where you've been.

And your faith has a chance to grow.

Because you can see what you overcame.

And the faithfulness of God.

Skip forward.

To yesterday.

We're getting ready for our annual audit at work.

For me,

that meant catching up on some paperwork.

It was a Friday afternoon and very quiet upstairs where my office is located.

I did what I sometimes do.

After the office has cleared out and people go home.

I listened to music.

This time.

It was country music.

The first one I pulled up?

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood.

"Remind Me."

You probably know it.

Which led to another favorite.

By Martina McBride.

"I'm goina love you through it."

It's a video tribute to women who have survived cancer.

Very empowering.

And I relate to it completely,

I survived cancer myself.

As did my mom.    And my dad.

After replaying it a second time.

while shuffling papers across my desk,

it began it sink into my spirit.

I've been a bit overwhelmed lately.

I blogged about "impossible tasks" earlier this week.

But my eyes began to open.

And I had a pretty dramatic realization.

Sharing it with Scott at the end of our day,

It went sort of like this:

"You know what?
I have survived cancer!
come on!
I've raised two children.
I've run a million dollar agency for 24 years!
and traveled to Africa four times;
what the heck am I afraid of!?
but more than anything "I" am,
It's about who Jesus is.
And as a follower of Him,
I have the promise of the holy spirit in me.
Which gives me power I don't have on my own.
And I can overcome & succeed in all this stuff
That's been piling onto my plate and into my life!"

And likely,

because of the prayers of my husband and those close to me.

Who knew I was feeling the burden of things piling on.

I got my wings back!   so to speak.

I was reminded.

That through Christ.

I can do all things.

And that He can use country music.

And my past.

To gently.

remind me.

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