Thursday, August 29, 2013

Impossible Tasks

I was reminded today by a friend.

That a few months ago, I made the statement.

"I'm ready for some new challenges in my life."

I said that.

I was in a relatively peaceful.

Downright content season of life.

And I said that.


A lot can change in a short period of time.

I've been feeling a little like this turtle.

Climbing out of my tranquil swim in the pond.

And trying to maneuver straight up the side of a rock!

One by one.

Some pretty big challenges have come my way.

You know.

Typical stuff.

BIG projects at work.

Taking steps to buy a hundred year old house in Due West.

Talking to a contractor about a renovation budget.

Imagining actually moving out of a house I've lived in for twenty years.

College tuition due this week.

Leaving for Kenya in four weeks.

You know.


You have your stuff too.

Probably more demanding than mine.


I got up this morning.

Feeling a little overwhelmed.

You ever feel that way?


As women, we feel that way......often.

I'm up a little after 5.

Stop by and pour myself a cup of coffee in the kitchen.

My family of cats and dogs usually watch from outside for the first glimpse
of a light inside the house.

But, they can wait.

I need a word.


I walk into my living room.

Settle down into my chair.

The house is dark and quiet.

I pick up my bible.

I'm reading in Mark right now.

This morning -- it's Chapter 6.

The feeding of the 5,000.

And from my study notes for this passage in Mark:

"How do you respond
when you're given an impossible task?

A situation that seems impossible with human resources,
is simply an opportunity for God.

The disciples did everything they could by gathering the available food
and organizing the people into groups.

Then, in answer to prayer,


When facing a seemingly impossible task,
do what you can & ask God to do the rest.

He may see fit to make the impossible happen."

I can't help it.

I love the fact that God reaches into my day.

Into my specific set of circumstances.

And gives me a word.

That's relevant.


And true.

"do what you can and ask God to do the rest"

And my list of impossible tasks.

Just became a bit more manageable.

"simply an opportunity for God."

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