Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Trail of Windows

Do you ever think about leaving a trail behind you?  For me, the trail is scattered with
windows -  "stained glass mosaic windows."   As an artist (of sorts) I love the idea that 
my work will live on long after I'm gone.    I really like that.

I learned how to handle, score and cut glass in a traditional stained glass class here in
Greenwood.    Although I love to look at traditional stained glass -- I didn't really "take"
to  the actual doing it.    It was very restrictive and precise.   That's not me....especially '
when it comes to "creating" art.

Of all places, I actually saw the technique of making "stained glass mosaics" on HGTV.   
(all good things really DO come from HGTV, you know.)  Mosaics are are more free 
flowing and less restrictive to create. That appealed much more to me.   Very soon, I 
started picking up old single pane windows from salvage businesses and started creating.

My technique has improved through the years.   I hope its evidenced from my first tree 
below (made in 2005) to the one directly under it (I made just a few months ago.)  I've 
also gotten much faster.  I can complete a window now in two-three days (if I can steady
work on it)  instead of a couple of weeks.

I've kept a log - and I've now created 47 windows since  2005.    I've given most of 
them away to friends......and family.....only a few have I actually sold or done 
on commission.

My inspiration comes from lots of things.   My favorite subject is probably trees.  I've 
done a lot of those.

this was my very first tree made in 2005 - and the first one I ever entered into a Juried Art Show.

this one I made a few months ago - i've used my glass to fund my last two trips to Kenya.
this piece was raffled on facebook over the course of two months & earned over
$2000 for my traveling costs.   not too shabby.

And I've done many other trees:

this one was done for my friend, Jana & her husband.
I raffled this tree to help pay for a mission trip to Kenya in 2011.

Many of my trees have been given as wedding gifts.  This one
was given to Jennings & Ryan with the inscription at the base of the
tree "Let Love Rest Here"
this one was a wedding gift to Kelly, with her married initial "B" added at the base.

this one was a wedding gift to Hannah & Traylor.

other trees were given for special occasions - Kate's graduation from PT school.

a house warming gift for a co-worker.

Sun's are also a favorite subject for my glass:

I tried my hand at lettering on a couple of pieces:
This was a special memorial window for a friend.
a friend's initials.

And others:


this one a surprise gift for a friend's mom -- four season runner.

a fun piece for a high flying friend.

growing vines for a friend's growing children.

a special birthday gift for someone that loves lighthouses.

And a wide variety of others:

a friend asked for a mosaic that depicted the Holy Spirit -- tough concept to capture!

Other pieces related to faith:

Other's were taken from unusual/fun sources for inspiration:

this graphic idea came from a Christmas gift bag.

this one from a Pier One coffee mug.

this one from a flower garden.
this one from Taylor's love for owls.

I've had a number of people express an interest in learning how to do mosaics.   Watch 
for a future blog on how to make them - start to finish.   It's not hard at all.   

My hope?  that my mosaics get handed down for a generation or two in the families of 
my friends.....hanging in windows or on porches long after I'm gone.   

That would be pretty cool.


  1. Thank you for showing us you beautiful work. You have inspired me and my 11 yr old daughter

  2. Have you ever done a window with say flowers, and leave the background blank?
    So just clear glass would be in the background?

  3. I studied your work for months before starting my own. I've read several of your life blog entries also and would just love to share my windiws with you. Cheri