Monday, September 17, 2012


We have this incredible benefit at work.   Sabbaticals.

I'm taking one right now.  Three weeks off.

Pretty sweet, huh?   I've just started week two- and it's flying by with a high rate of speed.  It's been wonderful so far.


- spent quiet time on my porch in the hammock.
- slept in a whole hour later than I do most mornings.
- gone barefoot more than usual.
- met my youngest at her favorite coffee shop to catch up on her life.
- spent the night with my newlyweds & loved on their unruly dog.
- talked  & confided over a three hour lunch date with an old friend.
- enjoyed multiple chai tea lattes.
- hung out with my mama for most of a day.
- finished a mosaic.
- watched with wonder how fast my red haired grandgodson is growing!
- committed to - and have started reading all three "Hunger Games."
- gone camping at one of my favorite spots with my sweet man.
- jumped in the ocean & enjoyed the sand in my toes!

Yep.  I could get used to this.   Can you hear that??  The sound of me relaxing....ahhhhh.  And I've still got another week & a half to go...

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