Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Best Makeover Secrets: Crib Springs & Old Mantels

Two years ago I discovered a totally unknown love - buried deep within me - turning very ordinary spaces (with little personality) into something "warm" "inviting" "eclectic" "vintage" and just plain "interesting." I've logged my fair share of time on HGTV --I'm especially fond of the makeover shows with small budgets.

My job has become very administrative through the years, so it's not unusual for me to look for and find "creative outlets" in my work. This one had to come from the very hand of God -- because it tapped a passion and love I never knew I had - for Makeovers!

All in all, I was able to lead the makeovers of three senior centers in Abbeville, Greenwood & Edgefield counties with funding from some innovative friends at our Area Agency on Aging. There's too many ideas to share in just one blog, so I'll pitch them out occasionally in my writing - and'll see an idea you might want to try at "home."

Today -- it's decorating with crib springs & old mantels!

This may be my # 1 favorite: Wire Crib Springs Converted to an Innovative Bulletin Board:

(There's no end to the things you can put on the crib springs (I used old photos, vintage postcards, old car tags, antique kitchen item & memorabilia!) Also love this hand made primitive table from one of my FAVORITE shopping locations -- the quaint town of Ridge Springs, SC -- only $175 for the table. Ridge Springs has great shops & even better prices! A great day trip! About 45 minutes south of Greenwood enroute to Columbia. Also love the old Webster's dictionary tied with a leather strap & the vintage suitcase. )

Mantels are a favorite too --and I never let the fact that I don't have a fireplace stop me from mounting a mantel on a wall -- it automatically warms a space. Here's some of the mantels I've used - (also well priced at $75- $125 average.)

I'll be sharing more makeover pictures. Hope you enjoy!

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