Sunday, April 15, 2012

"I'm just passing through"

I LOVE traveling somewhere that requires an airplane. I'm happy when I travel. I smile when I travel. I love everything about it. I love the planning for a trip, the anticipation of a trip, the packing for a trip -- and the going on a trip. I even love the food on airplanes. I love the experience of traveling to my destination. I love being there. I even love the coming home part....and then I love planning the next trip.

That's why this verse in Psalms caught my eye last week:

"...for I am a guest - a traveler passing through..." Psalms 39:12.

I've... for sure..... not always seen myself that way.

Once when I was very young, I thought of life as a permanent condition - the world revolving around me. Admittedly, I was that person for many years. If you sat me in the middle of the universe, I could see all of the planets rotating happily around "me." I never thought about my life coming to an end. How could the world actually go on without me? No way. I had to be here for the universe to continue.

Not so much anymore.

What happened? Time, I'm sure.

I began to see myself as this infinitely small "speck" on the radar of the universe. Thousands of generations have come before me. Then -- here I come along for a blink of time -- and many more generations will likely come after me.

I think that's a much healthier way to view myself. If I'm not taking up permanent residence, I'm a guest -- and my time is temporary. It's important that I get on with it.

That's my desire.

To live well. Not in the material sense of "well" -- but to live as "fully" as I can. The Bible describes it as living "abundantly." Not great wealth or even great health -- but abundantly -- being highly effective -- being used in people's lives -- making a difference -- loving God and loving people.....allowing yourself to be made "uncomfortable."

We won't be here long. Just a blink of time. Let's get on with it-- because we really are just guests -- and we're only passing through.

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