Saturday, January 21, 2017

I Didn't Vote For Trump: My Message To Me

I've voted in every presidential election since I turned 18.

I love politics.

I know.

I don't understand the fascination so much either.

Those who know me and my husband well.

Know that we rarely.

If ever.

Vote the same ticket.

It's one of those interesting areas of our partnership.

And friendship.

Where we just don't see eye to eye.

Last November.

We did agree on one thing.

Our choices were disappointing..

I think many felt the same way.

But still......we voted.

Scott voted his conscience.

I voted mine.

It was par for the course.

We disagreed.

I watched Friday's inauguration at my desk at work.

Those who voted for Trump have celebrated.

Many of those that didn't.

Are angry.




And deeply troubled.

I understand.

I'm some of those things as well.

But at some point.

Hopefully, soon.

There's a wrestling.

And then, a reckoning.

With the outcome.

He won.

So, what now?

I'm doing what I know to do.

I held Amos for two hours today as he slept in my arms.

I sat in a service this afternoon.

And watched a beautiful young friend marry the man she loves.

We'll open up our home tomorrow.

To teammates traveling with us to Kenya.

I'll go to work Monday.

And do my job.

I'll write a grant.

Deliver a meal to a home bound senior.

And hopefully contribute to this world in a positive way.

I'll sit on my porch at night.

And hash out the day with my husband..

I'll create mosaics.

And call to check on my mom.

I'll listen when my daughter struggles to make sense of  her day.

And meet with our small group on Friday nights.

In other words.

I'll get on with my life.

I'm called to pray for this man I didn't vote for.

And I'll do that too.

Wrestling and reckoning aside.

He got the job.

He won.

This life is flying by.

And I'm more aware than ever.

With how I invest my energy and my focus.

Let it be spent on what's encouraging.

And positive.

In building up.

And not in  tearing down.

Not in cynicism or in hate.

The outcome of the election is history.

But the difference all of us can make in our lives.

Is thankfully still playing out.

That's my reminder.
That's my message to me.

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