Saturday, September 10, 2016

What I'd Say To Me As A New Mother

Our family had a wonderful addition in the last few weeks.

Amos Wyatt Deese.

It's been a surreal experience.

Having this creature come into our lives.


And bringing with him.


Heart capturing love.

A complete stranger.

Pulling emotions and care out of us.

Just by his entry into this world.

I have so many young friends right now.

Including my Kate.

That are first time moms.

There's a whole crop of them.









I love these young women.

And I know.

They're finding their way.

Just as I'm watching Kate find hers.

Into motherhood.

It's made me think about my own start.

All those years ago.

I had no idea what I was doing.

A universal reality, I'm sure.

But what would it be like for me now?

If I could.

Sit across the table.

With a younger me.

What would I say?

What have I learned about mothering?

It takes guts.

Be strong.
Your kid is counting on you.
Even if you have insecurities and doubt.
Woman up.
Let your legacy be courage.

Slow down.

I'm stunned.
At how quickly it's gone by.
Newborn to kindergarten.
Middle school to college.
You hear this all your life.
But it's SO TRUE.
Hold on to the experiences.
And the moments.
They go quickly.

Aside from being the very best mother you can be.
Be the very best person you can be.

It will make a difference.
That you are interesting.
As an individual.
That you're leaving this world better.
Because you are here.
It will matter.
That they see you be kind.
And giving.
And at peace.
Be someone they can look up to.
Be the very best person you can be.

Cover your kid in prayer.

Every single day.
It's a tough world.
A praying mother.
Is a fierce thing.
Do it without fail.

Encourage them to see the world.

There's nothing wrong with Disney World.
But let them see Africa.
Or Haiti.
Or India.
Lessen your focus on material things.
Let them see need.
Let them see the world.

Always provide them a safe place to land.

Your home.
Wherever it might be.
Should always, always, always.
Be a place of comfort.
And rest.

Let them make their own mistakes.

And yes, age does matter.
You'll know when it's appropriate.
When they're older.
To let them fall.
Don't always jump in.
Ahead of them.
To work it all out.

Don't pass on a legacy of fear.

Oh, my gosh!
I see this so much.
Deal with your own stuff.
But, don't pass it on to your kid.

Be genuine.

Be the real deal.
Be who you really are.
Not caught up in appearances.
Do what you say you will do.
Be genuine.
Be real!

Do a good job of handing off your faith.

This can be tricky.
But your kids will know it when they see it.
Of Jesus in your life.
Start now.
Your kid has a front row seat.

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