Monday, June 27, 2016

What I Love About Dianne

I worked with Dianne Hilley for the best part of 25 years.

She made the very selfish decision to retire three weeks ago.

Imagine that.


She'd rather be footloose and free.

Than work with me.


I've worked with some of the very best people I've ever met.

Good to the core people.

And Dianne falls into that category for sure.

We shared a lot of life together these last 25 years.

I admired her spiky black hair.

And her bold drive-by treasure hunting.

There was a time when a curb side cast-off would be flung in her back seat
quicker than you could whistle dixie.

She loved "her people."

(Dianne's code name for the seniors under her care.)

It was mutual.

I never saw the top of her desk.

In all those years.

She had a messy, unorganized charm about her.

And while I'm sure it bothered me a little early on.

I eventually learned that it didn't really matter at all.

She did her job.

And did it  very well.

Dianne has a beautiful heart.

Between mission trips & a love for shabby, old things.

She's been a kindred spirit.

Fun loving.




There's been more than a few times.

I've looked Dianne in the eyes and said "trust me."

Thankfully, we had that kind of relationship.

She did.

And when she told me she thought it was time to retire.

I trusted her.

I'll miss you, girl!

Enjoy yourself.

Do all the things that are important for you to do.

You've blessed me.

Happy Retirement.

I love you.

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