Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ready or Not ---Going Gray!

Until now,

I just haven't been ready.

I'm plenty old enough, mind you.

But, I've had trouble.

Trouble imagining myself.


Not just what I would look like.


What I would feel like.

If I go gray.


It's been a little intimidating.

And I've looked at it with dread.

That taking that step.

Meant the end.

Of life as I know it.

I know.

A tad dramatic!


Going gray.

Isn't as crucial as stopping elephant poaching in Africa.

Fighting childhood obesity.

Or finding a cure for Alzheimer's.


It's been somewhat of a big thing for me.

It was turning a corner.

A rite of passage.

If not physically.

Certainly, emotionally.

So I prepared.

I started where all important visual journeys begin.

With pinterest.

I started searching "gray hairstyles."



Gray is having somewhat of a comeback.

Look at Merle Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada."

Helen Mirren.

Even Rosanne looks pretty good in gray.

I felt encouraged.

And took the plunge.

I passed on this week's hair color appointment.


Katie just gave me a cut.

"It shouldn't take long to grow the gray out" she encouraged me.

She always says the right thing.


I've determined.

That for me.

Gray will be a new journey.

I love a new journey.

Gray will be artsy and fun.

Gray will be a new beginning.

Gray will be........hopefully.......okay.

On me.

But more than anything.

Pulling it off.

(and my youngest told me I can totally pull it off.)

May have more to do with other things.

Than the color of my hair.

The peace in my spirit.

The passion I have for things I love.

The evidence of joy of my face.

Those things........with gray hair.

And it may turn out alright.

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  1. Look it too me 1 1/2 years to ease into it! I googled all the same celeb pics I swear! You will rock it!