Tuesday, October 13, 2015

If You're Not Ready to Die

Scott and I are finally getting around to it.

After much procrastination.

Having our wills done.

I'd say.

It's about high time that we did.

Like most people.

We've put it off.

Out of sight.

Out of mind.


We're getting ready to travel overseas together soon.

There's something about......traveling that kind of distance.

It prompted us......finally.

To woman up (in my case.)

Or man up (in his.)

And take care of it once and for all.

It's that taking care of it.

Over the last few days.

That caused me to start thinking this through.

It's a bit sobering.

But not nearly as important.

I know.

As what I do with my time while I'm here.

I've read through Philippians recently.

And this grabbed my attention in my study notes of that book:

"if you're not ready to die,
then you're not ready to live."

"make certain of your eternal destiny, 
then you will be free to serve - 
devoting your life to what really counts -
without fear of death."

There's truth in that for me.

It took cancer to get my attention.

And open my eyes...... to many things.

My mortality.

Certainly one of them.

Will I be ready when the time comes?

I don't think any of us really knows how we'll react in that moment.

But am I assured of my eternal destiny?

With complete peace and without hesitation, I can say....I am.

I hope that assurance.

Prompts me to greater freedom.

I like that word.


To travel.

And serve.

To take risks.

To step out of what's comfortable.

To devote myself to the things that really matter.

To live.

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