Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Turtle Rescue

I was headed up Hwy 25 yesterday.

Just before 8:00 a.m.

For an early morning visit with my mom.

On Mother's Day.

It was a foggy morning.

And visibility was pretty bad in spots.

I was looking forward to the drive alone.

To think.   And be quiet.

I was lost in my thoughts.

Thinking about the week ahead.

What I had planned for later in the day.

What needed to be measured in Due West at the house.

And clearly not following my own advice.

Of being "where my feet are."

And off in the immediate distance.

I saw a shadowy figure in my lane.

And it wasn't until I was right up on it.

I could even tell what it was.

A large turtle.

Head out.

Making a very poor choice.

Of which way to go on Mother's Day.

I whizzed right by.

Missing him, of course.

And drove on for a mile.  

Or two.

And it hit me.

That voice inside.

"Rescue the turtle."


I was already late.

But, the voice inside me continued.

That little guy is sure to get hit.

He's heading across 4 lanes of traffic.

It will be a miracle if he gets across.

Another mile goes by.


I've got to do it.

So what if I'm a few minutes late.


I whipped my little fiesta around.

And headed back.

Where did I see him?

How far did I go?

And just as I logged another mile or two miles back.

There he was.

In the exact spot.

Cars continuing to whiz by.

But no one had hit him.

I pulled off on the side of the road.

And immediately thought of stories I've heard.

Of good Samaritans doing the same kind of thing.

Only to get nailed by an oncoming car.

Oh, geez.

Cut the drama.

I hopped out of my car.

He was bigger than I thought.


I first thought of putting him in my car.

And taking him to a better locale.

Forget that.

He was way too big to sit in my passenger seat.

And then, of course.

I remembered something my Grandma Pauline used to tell me.

He'll probably be a snapping turtle.

"They'll bite you," she would say.

"And not let go.

Until lightening strikes."

Oh, grandma.

Your legacy lives on.

On Mother's Day.

So despite my fear of snapping turtles.

I grabbed him on both sides.

And walked with him back to the road side.

Taking him about 20 feet away.

I put him gently in the grass.

And pointed him in the opposite direction.

And while I don't know what I expected.

I got little reaction from him.

I know.


What was he suppose to say?

"thank you kind woman??"

But, I felt inclined to tell him.

It was Mother's Day, of course.

"If you go back there again, you're gonna deserve what you get."


What did I say??

It came spilling out of my mouth quite naturally.

Where did that even come from??

The deep recesses of a mother's soul.

And yes.

I immediately saw the spiritual angle to the turtles misguided adventure.

As I got back in my car.

Live in today.

Pay attention to what's put in my path.

Turtle or otherwise.

But, also.

I realized.

God's willing to pick me up too.

When I've wondered off the wrong way.

He provides safety.

And better direction.

Just like I was trying to provide for this turtle.

But, unlike me.


He doesn't say.

"if you go back there're gonna deserve what you get."


A little grace, please!

I didn't offer it so much to the turtle.

But thankfully.

God shows it to me.

This time.

With a Mother's Day turtle rescue.

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