Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Favorite Gift Given & Received

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

My family did.  Christmas seemed to last longer this year.    Family visits were more
spread out.  For the first time in many years, we changed things up so that all we did on
Christmas Day was open presents, enjoy a long breakfast (blueberry stuffed french toast,
turkey bacon, fresh fruit & lots of coffee) and lounge around......until lunch time.....anyway.

Like you, I probably received much more than I needed for Christmas.   But I wanted to
share my favorite gift given and received.

My favorite gift given was this:

Yep.     A hot water bottle!   (with an Etsy purchased hot water bottle cover!)

I first discovered the huge benefits of a hot water bottle here:

When we stayed at Sweetwater Tented Camps on the last night of our trip to Kenya, we
came back from dinner at night with our bed turned down and a hot water bottle secretly
tucked away beneath the sheets.

Oh my!  In a tent and on a very cool evening, the hot water bottle (complete with a red
plaid cover) was heaven!

I vowed when I got home this year to buy one for myself.

Which I did.

(p.s. this one is made by a company called "fashy" - and it's terrific!)

And then I also bought and gave a few as Christmas gifts.   I'm telling you.   On a winter
evening, these hot water bottles are a treat!   and they stay warm long into the following

And my favorite gift received?

It was something my mom didn't have to go out and buy.   She pulled these treasurers out
of her cabinets and closets:

Handwoven baskets made by my grandma, Pauline.    A pair of scissors that belonged
to my grandpa, Wister.   A glass bowl that belonged to my grandma, Lila.  And a few other
pieces that belonged to my great-grandmother and others.

Pretty cool.

Hope all of you had as blessed a Christmas as i did.

I'll see you in the New Year!

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