Friday, August 17, 2012

Mama Therapy

It was a little bit easier this time.     Taylor leaving.   Headed back to college to start her
sophomore year.    This time last year, it was a totally different story.  

After Scott & I moved her in at Anderson University, we drove home.    Went inside the house.
The place where that kid lived and grew up for the last 18 years.    We went in her
room.   Sat on her bed.    And bawled our eyes out.

Yep.    It took weeks to begin feeling "normal" again.   The new normal anyway.   It's the
strangest thing.   Raising these children of ours.   Investing all of our love, our  hearts, our
prayers, our energy, our time and yes, our money!   Only to see them grow up and  move away.

Is that the way it's suppose to be?    It is.

Last year, after we blew our noses and straightened up, we started looking around
at Taylor's room -- and then spent the next two hours cleaning it from top to bottom.

That's the part that was the same today.

When we got home from moving her in again,   I did clean.  It must be some form of mama therapy.

We came to realize over this last year, that there was life B.C. (before children) and there
would be life A.C.  (after children.)     It'll be fine.     She's happy.    I'm happy.    I love you Boo.

Inside her dorm at AU, this is a contented face!

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