Monday, June 18, 2012

Wedding Week Panic!

My friend, Denine, would say - "I told you so."

Several months ago over lunch, I listened as she was clearly stressing about her daughter's upcoming plans to hold her wedding ceremony and reception in her backyard.    I remember doling out advise to:

- stop stressing
- relax & enjoy the process
- don't worry about it, it'll be fine

The same well meaning advise is being doled out on me now.    And I finally understand.   Denine was so RIGHT!     For the last stretch of months, whenever something about the wedding would come up, I would say all the right things -- all the things I really wanted to feel:

- there's no sense in getting worked up.
- why do mothers of the bride want to stress everybody out?
- it's a shame to get stressed out during such an important time in your life.
- that won't be true for us.
- i'm going to relax and enjoy myself!

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night at midnight, I woke up in full blown panic attack mode.    Running through my mind was the unending TO DO list for this last week!    Plus, I haven't balanced my check book in about a month - what if we're over budget?  what if it rains?  what if we run out of food?   what if those corn hole bags don't get finished?  what if that guy won't let us borrow his '56 Ford truck?   how will I get it all done?

Denine was so RIGHT!

I was an idiot for trying to calm her down.

Breathe.     Breathe.    Breathe.

Last night as my anxiety level went through the roof, I started telling myself to breathe.

Whewwwwwwww.   Deep breath!

And I started to pray.     Lord, please put this long list of things in order for me.     Please give me the ability to accomplish what needs to be accomplished.    Lord, please calm me down.    Please give me peace.    Please give me peace.   Please give me peace.

And, this morning.      He had.    He's so faithful.    I had a cup of coffee out in my yard.    It felt wonderful.      I looked up at the sky.   At the clear day.    And I thanked Him for calm.    I thanked Him for peace.   I thanked Him for the week off from work so I could focus entirely on finishing up my list.

It's true.     The mama sets the tone of the whole house.     This mama needs to stay in the word this week and stay in prayer for peace.

And as people tell me this week to "enjoy the week"   "don't get stressed out"    "take it all in"  --- I'm going to look at them and receive it with the same grace that Denine showed me that day over lunch.

Breathing deeply all the while.    (Smile)

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