Monday, October 29, 2012

25 Things I Want My Daughters To Know

This post is dedicated to my girls.   I love these two creatures!  We've not had a perfect
life or family, but that was never my ambition.  Scott and I probably got just one thing
completely right with our kids.   We've loved these two like crazy.

I've gotten the biggest kick from watching them both grow into young women with their own
strengths and differences.     

A few years ago I first thought about writing down some of the things I wanted my girls
to know.    And as I look at what I've written below, much of it has been learned from
just my plain ole mistakes and experiences - good and bad.  (and some are just for fun.)

As young women, they're both still "a work in progress."   But, hey - so am I.   My blog has
given me an avenue to share these things.   You're welcome to read along.    


Never...ever....enter your children in beauty pageants

Yeah, I don't think this one even needs an explanation.


Always use a firm handshake &
look people in the eye when you talk to them.

   I know.  You've heard this all your life.  A weak, limp, dead fish 
handshake sends a terrible message.  
And "darting," shifting or wandering eyes does the same.


Always exercise your right to VOTE.

True, it's that time of year right now.
Do your homework.
Educate  yourself on what 
the candidates stand for -- and vote.

And p.s. regardless of what you hear...
 (Jesus isn't a republican......or a democrat.)


Don't hold on to bitterness or unforgiveness.

You will be hurt.   You will be disappointed in people.  
You may even be betrayed by someone you care about.   
Whether they ask for it or whether they deserve it, 
forgive them.
It doesn't let them off the hook, it lets you off the hook.
Life is too short.   Keep moving.


See people through your own eyes.

Despite what you hear about somebody,
make up your own mind about them.
You might see them in a totally different way.
See them for yourself.


Encourage the artist inside you.

We all need a little "creativity" in our lives!
Paint.  Draw.  Write.   Make something!
Your life will be richer!



While I strongly encourage traveling with a "purpose"
(mission trips),
see this world.
You're only passing through once.


Start your day with Him.

Make morning time for Him.
Before the demands of this world start pulling at you.
Visualize Him sitting in your living room waiting for you each morning.
Time in the word & Time in prayer.
If it's peace you want, start here.


Build your own family traditions.

Ours were camping trips to Huntington Beach.
Brookgreen Gardens.
Clover circles the night before Easter.
George C. Scott's "Christmas Carol" every Christmas Eve.
Oh - and the 12 Days of Christmas 
tucked away in a stocking that hung on your bedroom door.
Take a few of these for your family,
but add mostly your own.


Just like you invest yourself in people,
invest yourself in critters ♥

You can't take care of all the ones that need you,
but you can care for one.
But when you do, remember.
It's a lifetime commitment.
Their lifetime.


Take Risks.  
Don't always be about protecting your own hide

Imagine what you might accomplish in this life
if you weren't afraid to take a risk.
The difference you might make!
Not stupid risks,
but being willing to stick your neck out a little bit!


Give your life away.

When you finish this life,
be sure you can say 
"I gave it everything!"


Be aware 
that whispers of discouragement,
and lies 
don't come from God.

If they don't come from God, recognize them
as coming from the enemy.
Don't buy it.  Don't believe it.   Don't listen to it.


Use your money for good.

 Invest in your favorite charities and causes.
Invest in mission trips.
Help people that need a hand.
It really does feel better to give.


Show gratitude & thanks

When you focus on what's good in your day.
What you have to be grateful for.
You won't notice what doesn't go so well.
Your perspective totally changes.
Be thankful.


Embrace Change

It's the one thing in THIS world, you can count on.
Don't always resist it.    
See the good that can come from it.
Go with the flow.


Be A Woman of Your Word

Be a woman
that SAYS what she means.
Be a woman
that DOES what she says she will do.

Don't say you'll do something and fail to follow through.


Always create healthy boundaries with unhealthy people

And p.s.
It's not the unhealthy person that needs to make the boundaries
in a relationship.
You create the boundaries.


Write handwritten thank you notes

Take the time to write a handwritten thank you note.
The written word can be powerful.
Keep a nice stash of stamps & stationary
& write them.


Make random acts of kindness part of your life.

Your life will be richer and more meaningful
when you INVEST in people.
There's people around you everyday
that could use a random
act of kindness.
Simple.  Intentional.  Acts of kindness.

Recognize that STRESS is rooted in a desire to CONTROL.

When you begin to feel yourself getting stressed.
Realize that ultimately,
you have NO control in this life.
Of people.  Circumstances.  Relationships.
Take a deep breath.
Let it go.


Walk in the rain

It's one of my favorite things ever!
Put on a cap if you must, but get out in it.
It will refresh your soul and your spirit.



It is the best medicine ever!


Be where your feet are.

Live in the "today" as fully as you can.
Don't look ahead too much.
No use to look back either.
Wherever you are today,  be there.


Have a legit, authentic relationship with Jesus.

Nothing else really matters in this world when it's all said
and done.   You can embrace everything else on this
list (or live your own life by another list)
but if you miss this one, you've missed it all.

I love being your mom!
I love you!

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  1. This is beautiful. As a parent of two small children, this list is exactly what I want my kids to embody as well. Thank you!